K. Barratt


Time takes and takes and

Never returns what it has taken.

It forgives not; it listens not, not to

Any prayer or plea.

Time is the only god of this world

That I know. Infallible, unshaken,

A child thief who has robbed me

Of warm embraces, of the love

Of yesteryears, of dear ones

Muted now into human traces,

Pacing slowly, smeared faces,

In the depths of my tired heart.

Time hates me, and I hate it right back.

It hurts, it breaks, it changes

All that was cherished into

An un-recognizable mask.

It has shattered the life I knew into

Unconnected puzzle parts that

No longer fit. Like my skin, hanging

Here and there, my milky eyes, looking

For colours that no longer paint,

The ache for my lost earth expected

To blend in the affected acceptance

Of the dominion of Time,

Cruel ruler who feels no pity for me.

Time has taken away my beliefs

And turned them into doubts,

Questions about who I am, who I were,

When will this end, the haziness in my mind,

The path that used to be a straight track,

Twisted and bent now by

The implacable hand of Time.

And I watch its unstoppable passing,

Sages and martyrs reciting their stoic vows,

As Time comes, crowned and proud,

To cut off the breath from their lungs.

And I refuse to bend the knee

And become the husk of a man.

Hence, I have declared war

On the inevitability of Time.

I will be forever young, in the inside.

Clean my sight, love precariously,

Make today fully mine. And fight.

Fight, fight, fight, against the god of this life,

Until I lose the battle with a twinkle in my eye,

And unchain myself forever

From the tyranny of Time.

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