Because of You


K. Barratt

(To all service men and women fighting for freedom and justice)

I do not know what is like

To be awaken by the thunder of the guns.

I do nor know what is like

To leave hurriedly my home, leaving behind

What I once called my life, my ways,

Generations of tradition, burned with a

Single bomb dropped from above,

A fallen angel consuming all I owned,

All I called mine.

No, I do not know what that is like.

Nor do I know the weight of roses

On my arms, as I lie them down

Over a grave, and weep, as my

Heart bleeds with clear tears its despair.

Because of you I do not know

What is like to fear the skies; a dust

Cloud from afar; an unknown face;

A foreign name; an unexpected

Sound in the night.

Because of you I am a child of peace.

Ignorant of many horrors and frights,

Unable to erase your pain and scars,

And the nightmares that visit you in the dark.

But to you I give thanks.

From the purest light in my heart.

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