Speak Up


Let Peace speak up,

Loud and high. Let her song

Glide over mountains and reach the sea.

Let there be Peace in the air we

Breath, in the rain that nourishes the seeds,

In every endeavour blooming on the land,

Let Peace be the holding hand, serving

As nest, where baby chicks will grow. Let

Peace make us strong, resolute,

Sturdy enough to say no to hate and violence,

And anything that drive us apart, away,

From the meadows of flowers and into

The clutches of war. Let Peace speak up,

Rise up, soar, her spread wings covering

The world, with the silent lullaby of a

Sleeping babe in her cot.

Let Peace speak up.

Let it sit, deep in our hearts,

In that warm place where

All truths hide until they are ready to shine.

Let Peace echo our steps, sweeten our words,

Be the filter that colours our sight, our most

Cherished goal, our highest praise, the flower

Cultivated in the centre of ourselves, in the

Soil of our best dreams and hopes, for all of

Us, as one. Let Peace speak up.

Let it guide all we do and are.

And let Peace be free. Let it rise

And fly, unbound and untamed,

Across the universe.

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