She is ready to take off,

I know it. Her wings have been

Unfolding like a rose in the summer,

As she dreams of adventures

Far away. From me. Soon the invitation

Will arrive and she’ll scream with joy,

Ready to stand tall and take flight.

She’s ready to eat the world;

To tango with life; to champion

Her cause; to go into the sea of existence

And sail to her own enchanted isles;

Slay her personal monsters;

Get lost in the eyes of a lover

And float in the sense

Of uniqueness of those who

Taste freedom for the first time.

Yet, all I can think of is that

From scratched knees,

She will eventually graduate to a broken heart,

To kicks and burns from the friend she thinks

Life will always be. And I may not be there

To kiss the bruise, the cut, the tear,

She laughs at my fears,

Her laughter like a crystal chandelier

Touched by the wind. She’s packed, she’s ready

And she needs no silliness from me.

So I hug her and let her go, out into the world,

Her new wings expanding wide.

And without the slightest hesitation,

My innocent brave girl bids good-bye and flies.


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