Number One



So this is how it is,

How you cut the pie,

How you eat the cake,

How you play the game.

You refuse to be satisfied.

You don’t accept crumbs,

Second best, plan B, option two.

You are in it to be number one.

Adored, cherished, respected,

The reason he gets up every morning,

The last thought he has every night.

If not, it’s good-bye. As simple as that.

Never, ever be satisfied with less,

Nor accept a thoughtless caress,

A frosty kiss, a sharp word,

A mindless farewell. Never,

Ever accept a stony look, an

Accidental push, an acidic comment

About your waist. If you are not

His goddess, find another temple

In which to shine, even if the only

One who lights candles is yourself.

For a goddess is never satisfied with

Less than complete adoration, where

All that she is it’s behold in

the perfection bestowed

By the eyes of love.



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