The Vast Emptiness


I tried to record the sea for you:

Bottle the moonlight, pin the wind

To a scarf. I ran the steps,

You would of, had you stayed, from

The beach to the top of the hill.

I drew the castle. I tried the mussel

Recipe the cook at the trattoria gave us.

And as you said you would, I ate it with my hands.

I burned three fingers.

It hurt.

But the pain was nothing to the one

Of your absence: of a world that goes on,

Dancing with the moon, as if you were

Still in it. As if there was any purpose left

After the gods etched the void in my heart, where

Your image used to dance and sing and breathe.

So, I do stupid things. Anything that would

Bring you back to me, even if for a minute,

A second, and instant, your essence, your hair

Fighting with the wind, your smile that went

Beyond your teeth and lighted up all of yourself,

Like a light house in the night, my night, and

After which I was lost no more.

So, I’m recording the sea and bottling

Moonlight and pinning the breeze

To your scarf. I am running

To the hills and burning my hand.

But mostly I am trying to go on

In the vast emptiness,

That without you,

The world and life have become.


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