At Your Very Own Peril


 K. Barratt


You think it’s easy,

A knock, a word,

A bright new start.

A tear perhaps,

A hug, a promise

To never brand our

Souls with lies,

Be our best selves,

Stars in our own sky.

But you lied.

And so did I,

Not once nor twice.

The count is lost

In the depth of

Our hearts, where the

Hard, cold truth resides.

We are liars, my dear.

We are cheaters, oath

Breakers, hurters.

Time has passed,

The space is not the same.

That doesn’t mean we

Have changed. Not I in

Any case. I still sing over

Pianos and have a wondering eye.

I rinse my teeth with gin and

Drive with an unbuckled seat strap.

I continue to chase the hurricanes of life

And thrive under the storms of love.

Will I be good for you?

Probably not. Unfaithful?Most likely;

Twist the truth or throw it out

The window, baby and all?


Because that’s who I am.

And it’s who you used to be.

That was part of the fun.

So it’s not easy my love,

To accept your new, sparkling start.

I have no desire to peel off my skin

And let the new born me begin

Whatever shape of life you have in mind.

I am the cat caught red handed eating

The pie, who spanked, does it again

At the first chance.

I regret nothing.

I can take you back, if you accept my warts,

My lifted guard, my sword at hand.

I can even love you as much as I am able.

But the loving, the trusting of me,

Comes, my dear, at your very own peril.


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