Let the Monsters In

monsters K. Barratt

  Let the monsters in.

They have waited long enough on the other side of the door.

They have waited, patiently.

Some of them even took up knitting whilst I amused myself.

Some of them did cross-words puzzles, I am told,

As I filled the shell of myself with stolen dreams,

And I sang myself stories to put my fears to sleep,

As I believed, truly, fully,

That it was me: me, me, me,

That girl breathing,

That girl humming as she walked under the sun –me!

Under the sun.

I even fashioned myself masks to play my parts,

My caring mask, my lover mask, my human mask,

Oh wonderful masks, with their perfect fit,

So well attached that when I grimaced

It really looked like it was me -smiling,

Me loving, me living, me, happy. Me.

But the monster cannot wait any longer.

They must come home, inside.

They’ve being rapping, knocking, tapping,

As the sun darkened and the masks lost their fit.

Tapping, knocking, rapping.

The monsters. Wanting to come in.

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