A Sepia Song

sepia_i-G-88-8884-U87P300Z       K. Barratt


 Like a lamp creating pools of light

Like empty arms wanting to be nests,

Like the young contender desiring to be the best

I hang on to hope and walk into the night

Of your absence.


The world is a desert with you not there,

And arid zone, a broken land,

A bard without lute, a knight without lance

Nor damsel to defend, not nightmare

To break into waking glow.


And I care not about freedom chants,

Songs of how great is not to have you by my side,

All I want is the weathered dream, sunsets, rides,

By the sea, you and I, hand and hand,

And wide eye, happy endings that last endlessly.


And I wither with the lack of you,

I shrink and become a wisp of the hurricane I once were,

When your winds collided with mine and we were refer

To as a force of nature to recon with, soon,

Before we swallowed the world whole with our love.


So I sit, and wait, like a maid of old,

My memories projecting over the stillness of today,

Painting sepia the images seen from the window pane,

As my wrinkled eyes dream of days of yore,

When you were with me and the world was young.


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