nebula 4                                                                            K. Barratt


A flower has opened.

A child has walked.

Outside a window,

A bird has sung.

On a blade of grass a

Dew droplet has trapped

The sky, in a mirror of water.

A salmon has made it back

And its dying in its home.

A cicada has climbed out

A papery body and

Stretched its wings.

A girl has drawn herself

For the first time.

A woman has stepped

Into her new office, with

Window and view.

Inside of a nebula,

A star has been born

And it is already

Turning into a sun.

All in a day.

This day,

The one eternal day

Where all wonders and

Possibilities happen.

On this day,

All the beauty of the

World will unravel;

All the mysteries

Will drop a fresh hint;

All the awesome And weird facets

Of life will shine;

And all that can

Take place

Will take place.

On this day.

For all there is

And can be,

Exists solely in a

Time called Today.

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