nebula fairy 2

K. Barratt


Beyond, away, afar,

Limitless, boundless,

Free, unbroken, immaterial,

Ethereal, all-pervading,

Being-less, all being,

Altogether present,

Aware, here now,

Holder of yesterdays,

Creatrix of tomorrows,

Dream weaver, pathfinder,

The air you breath, the

Thought that escapes your mind,

A frozen instant, time itself,

The seed, the oak, the space

Between the kernel and the shell,

The root, the magma, the core,

The satellite spying your car,

Suns, stars, red dwarves,

Galaxies galore, all of it,

I am. You cannot lock me

In a brainwave, in a name.

No book, nor temple, nor church

Can hold me. Yet I sleep with

The baby sparrow and I beat the

Drum of your beating heart.

Before the is, the was, the shall be,

I Am.

Beyond belief, afar from what

You think you know, in all that

Has been and all that has not,

I happen.

Unfathomable, nameless, eternal,

All being, being-less, altogether present.

All-pervading, all aware.




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