I Pray

woman-praying-profile-featured-w740x493K. Barratt


I pray to the sea and the creek

And the long winding river.

I pray.

To the trees and the bushes and

The daisy cracking open the

Street to come out and shine.

I pray to the beaver and the butterfly.

To the the crowned stag and the wiggling puppy,

I pray.

To the nursing mother and the tired father,

And the laughing children running naked

With their knickers over their heads.

I pray to the stars and the suns I will

Never see and the rock and the pebbles

Under my feet.

I pray.

To the pain and the laughter,

To the fear and the passion and

The silence between lovers wrapped

Into each other on the bed.

I pray.

To the rain and the dessert,

The song and moan,

The dream and the fact,

I pray.

With all my faith and my doubts

To me,

And all the possible selves I

Can one day be.

To the mystery and the wonder.

To the breath and the being,

To the beauty; to death,

I pray.

With my life

As touching hands.

As bowed head.

As tolling bell.

I, with myself, pray.



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