Autumn Within

K. Barratt

woman in tree trunk


Summer leaves, falling, down.

Woods turning yellow and red.

The thoughts and dream crisping in,

Rolling within, dropping from my life.

Autumn is here and is pulling out

All that I was, leaving me barren and clean,

Like a grey, brownish, skinny tree.

That what I am turning into all I have been.

And I’m left naked in the cold with

No clothes, like the fabled king in the parade.

My harvest seems to have gone off

Before its time and I have nothing in

My hands, only ashes and rags.

Someone has burned my life.

Someone has crushed my plans, my ideals,

My truths, my identity. The little monsters in my

Mind have won and I’m back to square one.

With nothing.

And all I can do is go inside myself,

Preparing myself for the dark

And hoping there will be spring for me.

And autumn blows hard, slashing my soul,

And still cannot accept I have lost.

Autumn cares not for my tears, my fears.

It is time to say good-bye

And find the healing.



And I surrender to the smell of maple

And apples and dancing leaves,

And sink back into my roots,

Hoping, praying, there

Will be a spring for me.



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