A Gratefulness Prayer for Womanhood

K. Barratt

goddess breaking through rock

Let’s silently give thanks for the melody of life;

Let’s give thanks for the cycles of life,

Which allows us to experience its many facets,

From child, to girl, to woman, to mother, to wise one.

Let’s give thanks to the feminine light in us,

Which connects us to archetypes of beauty, creativity,

Courage, tenderness and love,

Be them called Great Mother, Venus, Mary, Diana,

Parvati, Osum or Gaia.

Blessed be our femininity,

Our mothering potential

That expresses itself in so many forms

Of caring, loving, creating actions.

Let’s give thanks and step with pride

Into the women we are,

Each with her own strength,

Each with her own gift,

Eeach with her own way

Of embodying the Eternal Feminine.

And so it is.

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