Great Bear of the North


bear polar mystic

Great Bear of the North,

Keeper of the gates of Earth,

Bless with your great paws my steps

As I walk through the woods of life.

Be my shadow behind the trees

And open my senses to the beauty and the warnings

Of the vast net of Wyrd.

Teach me how to walk on the soft earth

Quietly, gently, wisely,

Oh great Bear of the North,

Show me how to find joy in the solitude,

How to walk away the expected schedules

And go into the womb of Mother Earth, to sleep,

To dream perhaps, about becoming a great

Bear in the sky.

Teach me to flow with the seasons,

Tall and low, loud and quite,

With mate, cubs or alone,

True to myself in all the changes of life.

And guide me, great Bear of Earth

And Sky, so I walk softly and wisely over the land.



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