mystic god@KaremIBarratt

Rise, oh sun, from my blood.

Rise, oh moon, from my heart.

Rise, oh stars, from my eyes.

Rise, oh wind, from my breath.

Rise, oh sea, from my tears.

Rise, oh breeze, from my mirth.

Rise, oh earth, from my womb.

Rise, oh fire, from my shout.

Rise, oh flower, from my gentleness.

Rise, oh fawn, from my deepest core.

Rise, oh otter, from my playfulness.

Rise, oh hawk, from my highest mind.

Rise, oh whale, from my truest song.

Rise, oh snake, from my dreaming time.

Rise, oh spider, from my spinning wheel.

Rise, oh mouse, from my homely hearth.

Rise, oh mountain, from my strongest bone.

Rise, oh sky, from my vailed truth.

Rise, oh gods, from the living atoms of myself.

Rise, oh woman, from my feeding milk.

Rise, oh man, from my burning glands.

Rise creation, from my most tender place,

Where my love and beauty reside.

Rise, oh, life.

Rise up.

And shine.


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