The Regent




You can break me.

Pulverise who you think I am.

Dance over my life like a Shirley Temple

On a magic mushroom mystery ride.

Push me down, oh yes, please,

Make my knees bleed, mark them

With the pebbles and glass

Of your shattered soul.

Tie me down. Go ahead. Try.

I will fight you back.

I will kick and scream and scheme

My getaway. I will grow wings

And soar high, far from you,

Your lies, your hate, the

Cold fear that turned your heart

Into the icy cave where

Your humanity hibernates.

I shall escape.

Again and again.

And when you catch me -if

You do catch me, with their help,

I will not be meek or frighten.

I will not shrink or recede from your

Fist, but punch back. Hard.

Your words mean nothing.

I can drink your venom like a fine wine.

My bones heal, my skin sports

The scars with pride.

You are not my master,

My lord, my ruler.

You are my monster,

And I will unbound myself from

Your dominion, from the falsehood

You have spread like an oil spill

On the sea.

I will die or be free.

But I shall not step back,

Diminish myself, let you

Return  to my head to twist

The kingdom of my mind,

Eroded to deserts and ruins,

Destroyed to a lonely tower

Where the me who loved you

Cried, wondering why,

What did she do, what was her crime?

I have become her champion

And slayed the dragon you posted

At her door. And she cries for you

No more. So you can stand there.

Be the boulder in my path.

And you will see me battle, with

Every atom of who I truly am.

Or you can let me go, so we both

Start anew, with our welts and

Our guilt, released from this prison

Of desolate violence; delivered from hell

To finally be. It is up to you.

Awake the sleeper in the frozen

wasteland inside of your chest.

Or wrestle with my desperate hopelessness.

For I am taking on your challenge. Come what may.

Today, tomorrow, until the last day.

Until the last breath.

Until I die or win.

Until the princess in distress within

Takes her rightful crown and become

The authentic regent of myself.


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