I was a Little Water Fall



I was a little water fall.

I was big, I was small.

I was the awe of the ant,

The little jet from the tiny mound

Virtually invisible to the boy scout.

I was cool and crystal clean and tasted,

They said, like dew in the morning after the rain.

I sang my tiny song of drops, tip, tip, tapping

On a smooth stone, never hitting the same spot

Twice -a little Chaos theory follower was I,

Crafting rainbows with the light to

Enchant the tad poles in the pond.

Sometimes I would swell up and create

Raucous deluges, ripping off the moss

From the cracks of my stair of rocks.

I always felt bad about that,

And nourished the survivors back to life.

I savoured the iron and the copper

And the earth from my fountain head,

Buried deep beneath the ground.

A river running through tunnels and caverns,

And I, the little rebel, exploring out,

Seeking to know what was behind the darkness

And the inner night full of stellar diamonds.

And I let the sun paint me with specks,

And the moon turn me into a misty, dewy

Silver ray. I played with the butterfly

And the lady bird, as they came to

Quench their thirst. I saw the tadpoles

Grow into smooth, emerald frogs,

And heard the sparrow’ song and the

Starling’s cry, and once or twice was

Lovingly kissed by a baby fawn.

And then my door was closed, shuttered

By soil and pebbles and grass, hardened

Into the locked gates to paradise.

And I kicked and pushed and slid,

To no avail. The bubble burst and I

Filled the space with all of myself,

And in a whirlpool of ups and downs,

I returned again to my mother’s womb,

To the arms of the river of dark.

And I flowed under the land, mingled

And merged with watery comrades.

But I never forgot my time in the light,

My life in the little mound, when I was

A tiny waterfall, by sun and moon crowned,

Creating for teensy fish, lilies and tadpoles,

My aquatic merry-go-round.




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