If The Flower Fails


flower by karem april 2016 rose


And if the flower fails,

To caress your core with its perfume,

Let the sweet morning dew

Wash away the darkness

From your eyes. Let sun rise

Draw open the curtains of your fear,

So its gold can paint your spirit bright.

And if the light fails,

To warm the coldness in your heart,

Let the little bird’s song serenade

A note of hope, deep in your soul,

So it too can fly.

And if your soul fails,

To find its wings and soar high,

Let the gentle earth support

Your steps, as you find your way

To the temple of life, hidden, somewhere,

Behind the vines of your mind.

And if the temple fails,

To reveal itself in a glorious sunset,

And astound you with murals of

Emerald and bronze, let the silence

Guide you inside, to that lily pond within,

To the lotus throne where the One,

Who loves you, beyond error and time,

Smiling awaits for you to dress

In the magnificent garments of the Divine.

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