The All-Father



all father

I am the fire in the head.

I am the hare, I am the hawk,

I am the wave that breaks into the rock, and flies in rainbow drops

To the sky, to fall again with the rain. Down I go, my body,

A spear of water ripping open the earth, as I mutate

Into pebble, soil and seed. I split open my back with my resolve

And lift up to the sun. I grow. I die. I come to live

On this world once more. I whirl the currents of the Eastern wind,

I myself am my own storm: the lightning and thunder

Brimming and broiling in my blood. I have changed the course of rivers,

I have tilled valleys with the power of my Horns. I am the stag of the south,

I am the bear of the north, I have ridden dragons and become

The fire from their throats. I am destruction, ashes, and void.

I have loved the Mother in the cavern. I have sired the faraway stars,

The air you breathe, the food you eat, the soil you walk on,

I have willed it, I have been in it, I have become.

In your belly I rise, in your heart I have my throne.

I am the fire in the head,

The hawk of the east, the salmon of the west.

I am the above, the below, the centre, the in and out.

I am the eye that sees in the darkness, I am the light no eye can see,

I am the bread and the water, the plant and the beast.

I am the maker and the making and that which is being made.

I am the giver who’s always taking.

I am the fire in your head.



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