Righteous Good-bye.


Broken-xmas globe


So, this is good-bye, then.

A farewell to the kisses and the hugs,

And the midnight drinks, and the ice cream fights.

My fingers will miss the curls of your head,

My ears, your weird snores, which reminded

Me of kittens on a train.

I guess my butter will last longer;

There will always be enough bread.

And I will not have to worry about my whites

Getting red by an intrusive sock,

Forgotten, some how, in the pile of my delicates.


Such a short word.

Good-bye to the musical sing-alongs,

You the Phantom, I, the Lion King.

Cheerio to the evening embrace in

Front of the blue light of the TV.


And it turns out that hurt does not

Discriminates between the sinner and

The saint, the wrong-doer and

The victim weeping behind the door.

Big boys do cry after all.

And I have no idea of what to say.

I was weak, I was cruel, I was drunk,

The music was too loud, I felt

Lonely, you were away, it was just a dance

And then I fell from grace.

I want to mend your broken heart,

Our shattered lives, our smashed home,

Thrown like a Christmas globe against

The hard boards of my stupidity.

You cannot stay, I understand.

I would leave if I were in your place.

And yet I ask, I am asking:


Please, stay.

Please stay and waive your claim to

A righteous good-bye.

I do not know what promises to make.

All I see is that my soul is twisting

And howling, flagellating itself with

The absence of your love,

imploring, begging: do not go.

Do not cast me away, do not say good-bye

To the shared years for minutes of a mistake.

I am more than that night.

We are more than a misstep, an error,

A betrayal, a moment of madness.

You are the moon to my  dark sky.

I was once the cherry of your cake, you said,

The one thing, unique thing, exceptional thing

That made you complete.


Please, stay.

Let this super nova evolve into a big bang,

A new beginning, a new chance.

Let me hold you tight as you work through

Your grief; clutch me strongly as I shed my old skin

and become the possibility

Once reflected in your eyes.

Let me try. Let me be the she of your dreams.

Allow me to heal, you and me.

Relinquish your upright adieu

And dare to live the promise of our lives.

Together. Two in one.

Stay. Tonight. Tomorrow and always.


And waive away the righteous good-bye.


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