The Wet Nurse of the World


goddess-dancing_pheonix_fantasy_goddess_arts_hd-wallpaper-zoc(image by pheonix_fantasy_goddess_arts_hd-wallpaper-ZOc.jpg)


I am the wet nurse of the world.

Every movement of my dancing hips

Is a wave of energy, turned into a creation deed.

I am virgin, mother, warrior, lover, crone.

Every caress on a child’s head

Is a prayer to me.

Every kiss on the beloved’s lips,

Every smile in front of the mirror,

Every masterpiece carefully crafted,

Every flower innocently given,

Every animal ever saved,

Every tear shed and then

Gently cleansed away,

Every word of forgiveness,

Every act of faith,

Every moment of mercy,

Every smile, in joy displayed,

Every blessing given from the heart,

Every life lived as a gift,

Every standing up for what is right,

Every protection of the weak,

Every time you get up on your feet

After been beaten down,

Every little tenderness, every minute sweet,

Every thought conjured in front of the sea,

Every dream, every goal, every hope,

Every act of justice,

Everything and anything done from love…

Is a prayer to me.

I am the wet nurse of the universe.

Virgin, mother, warrior, lover, crone.

I am all there is.

And every piano sonata, every bird tweet,

Every peace talk, every Sunday cake,

Every desperate sight against the window pane,

Is a prayer to me.

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