In My Daughter’s Eyes




In my daughter’s eyes, the world still is a perpetual

Spring, a place of wonders, a mystery to live,

An adventure to be forged, a miracle to be found.

And she believes. She absolutely knows she will

Visit the moon and drive a flying car.

She walks without doubts on a planet which is all colours,

All sounds, any problem out there soon to be solved,

By her, by her own, by her kin and peers.

Dirty seas? Hey, just get a giant broom. Fighting countries?

Put them in time out. She has a solution for all woes,

A project for the earth to come. She sees herself in cities that

Are half jungles, half energy orbs. Holidays at the bottom

Of the ocean, feeding sharks and rays, her lab in a skyscraper,

With a huge bay window and a bullterrier next to her.

She sees flowers where others only glance at rocky seeds.

She treads on these streets of hers with no trepidation;

She perceives the technology around her as part of her

Skin, her fingers, her touch, another sense,

An extension of herself allowing her to reach across the globe.

In the eyes of my child, the world is like Gotham city,

The one from the sixties TV show,

Where baddies were funny, always humbled with

A big POW! WOW! Holy cow!

No dark knight has clouded her sight, yet.

No terrifying Joker has invaded her reveries.

She is a super hero -heroine- with all the impracticalities

Of dreamers flying under her cape, waiting for her

To make them real, to turn them into the everyday.

She has no panic, no sense of doom, no thoughts of ends.

She’s the warrior riding the dragon; she’s the painter capturing the

Sun set. She’s Alice believing six impossible things; she’s the Mad

Hatter in an everlasting party of teas and cakes. She understands not

My dread, my hesitation, my cautionary tales. Parks are places to

Play; beaches are places to swim; streets are places to stroll or skip

Or run or ride on; people are just people, like Sims

In a computer game. Animals are for petting; sugar is for eating.

War is silly and it will surely finish one day.

Terrorists need a kick in the bum.

If you need money, just save more.

No one in her right mind would ever kiss a boy,

And when she grows up, she will be a dancer-vet-

Astronaut-explorer of the sea, who will go home

At night to play with her kids: Atlas, Apollo, Lin- Manuel;

Constance, Candela, Lilly-Rose and Gideon-Grey.

In my daughter’s eyes the world still  is sweet smelling

And new. The colours are vibrant and bright.

And in her today, tomorrow looks promising,

Alight with dreams dreamt by fantastical,

Beautiful minds, ready to live fearlessly,

Create daringly, endeavour endlessly,

For a home where all brave souls,

Can unfold their wings and fly.


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