Exhaling Dragons


(image by by_vargasni-d7f8j8s.)dragon_3_by_vargasni-d7f8j8s


And so, one day you wake up

And realize your dragons are gone.

Well, not gone, exactly.

More like, how should I put it?

Shrunk? Reduced? Minimised?

Not so big, perhaps?

Not big. At all. More like teeny.

Like little lizards under the sun

Running to hide beneath rocks

At the sound of your steps.


Of you.

Imagine that.

Dragons afraid of you and of all that you are.

Of what you have become.

Gone are the meters-long wings

That clouded your sky.

The shrieks that drilled your head,

Making your cry, hide,

Beg for it to stop, to give you a respite,

A truce, a break from the eternal torment

Of their song in your brain.

No more do their fire burn

Your heart and reduce it to

Smouldering shards of broken flesh.

They no longer rest on your shoulders,

Sinking you in with their weight.

And you look at their flimsy,

Scaly bodies and wonder

Why were you ever afraid?

When did they torture stopped?

How did you scape from

Their sharp talons, how did they shrink,

How did they became this,

These insignificant creatures

Scurrying in the shadows of

The corners, hiding in the

Cracks of the wooden floor?

And then you remember.

You remember when you said, ‘no more’.

When you found the key to the lock

And freed yourself from the chains.

No knight was needed that day.

No duel, no lance, no dwarves

With fiery songs, no magic brew,

No casting of a spell.

Just a little bit of mercy.

Just a little bit of grace.


You took and you gave.

You wept. For what have been done,

For what you did and allowed.

You wept for the fire of your dragons

And for your burns, accepted the scar

And let go of the pain.

And you walked away.

Just like that.

Refusing to hear the batting of their wings,

Their piercing song,

Their screams as their bodies

Rolled into balls and became small,

So small you hardly see them anymore.


The key of the lock.

And you look up at the sun and smile

At your blue sky.

And then spread your own

Meters-long wings and fly,

Mellow, slow, softly.

No longer frighten of life.


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