Under the Shade


Under the shade of your beauty I am the spy glass seeking for the star. I am a Brazilian frog, hoping you believe that the home I have created is good enough for you to stay, to choose me, to be my mate, to trust me with the only egg you’ll gift the world this time.

Under the shade of your beauty I am the Teddy bear waiting for four o’clock to come, and tiny feet to break away the silence of the room, round hands lifting me high, embracing me tight, soiling me with chocolate and kisses and kindergarten secrets murmured in the night, as you tuck me in by your side and breathe gently over my head.

Under the shade of your beauty I am the sea captain searching for Polaris, on his way to his beloved. Your beauty is my ambers and my hearth and the thumping song of my beating heart, reminding me that under your shade, I walk and live and love. And when there is no shade, I cry out the loneliness of your absence until the joy of your presence makes everything right, once more.

Under the shade of your beauty I am the happy slave, knowing nothing better but this burning adoration. I surrender to your shadow, knowing that you are bright on the other side, not caring about what I can achieve or be away from your sight. I want to be your air and your bed; the food that nourishes you and the water in which you bathe.

I want to be the earth you walk upon and cloud that makes you dream; the creek that quenches your thirst during one of your unexpected adventures, when you come and go and leave and return, again, to me – I, waiting, always awaiting for your replay. For you to see me in the way that gives meaning to my soul and reflects all that I am.

Under the shade of your beauty I shine, like a candle lantern in the night. I am the blood to your heart and the body to your spirit; the home to your family and the meadow to your flower. I only make sense with you, like a blinking firefly, freeing its light under the shade of the beauty of who you are.

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