A Warrior

A Warrior

warrior woman 2

(image: artist unknown)

A warrior, a sword, a path un-walked, a call,

The flow of life birthing stones for the warrior to

Step on, caves for the warrior to shelter, dragons

For the warrior to tame and ride,

Rainbows for the warrior to dream,

Arms for the warrior to embrace, tears, for the

Warrior to taste; anger for the warrior to feed on

And then stand against. Mercy, to sustain

The warrior at that moment when the sword

And the naked flesh draw gasps from the universe; hurt,

For the warrior to forgive; doubt, for the warrior

To drink and swallow and spit, and ties for the warrior to brake.

Love. To nurse the warrior in the warmth of its soul.

Solitude and silence, life did create for you, warrior,

To cocoon in, and open the back of your existence.

There are no promises in this path. No golden treasures,

Nor glory nor fame nor thanks. There is only you.

At the end, warrior,

There is only you.


6 thoughts on “A Warrior

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve never read a poem that so succinctly describes a warrior’s experience. It also cuts to the quick the differences between a warrior and a soldier. Well done.

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  2. Chris says:

    Well done. I’ve never read a poem that so succinctly describes a warrior’s experience. Did you also intend to draw such a clean distinction between a warrior and a soldier?


    • karembarratt says:

      Not really…this poem is purely a gift of inspiration, but I guess also influenced by my dad and hubby, both soldiers for a long time, but life warriors for a life time. Thank you for commenting 🙂


  3. Neil Giddins says:

    Just wow Karem, your clarity and wisdom on this speaks to me so deeply, thank you for putting into words what I can only feel in my heart. The clear but compassionate truth, at the end there is only me. 😌

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