The One




Temples of mist, floating over table-top lands,

From where sweet cascades topple

Like diamond earrings in the lobes of young bride.

A dream. The priestess of my soul cloaked in red,

Silent. Expectation hangs in the stars, silent,

In the dancing sands, silent, in the glowing eyes

Of owls and elves, silent,

In the breath trapped in my lungs, silent,

In the tear twinkling from the corner of my lashes,

Silent, silent, oh so silently, the wind, still, the I, stirring,

The bush about to burst in flames, Odin’s knife

A breath away from his iris, Kore about to step out into

The light, Hades watching, silently, the mirror, misted,

Waiting for my hand to clear the mystery,

For my heart to gather the courage to strip off

The coats of myself and see, truly see, what the

Whole universe has been waiting for, since the last time it

Collapsed into a white dwarf, a black hole,

To unfold in a big bang, the unseen seen for the first time,

Once more, the silent truth we have known since our

Bacteria days, the look, the watch, the world behind our

Sight, the link, the light, the unknowable form, molding,

Stretching, emanating, dancing with itself, within itself,

Projecting a without onto the silvery surface of its mind,

Hoping to be the flesh of its own dream, the Me,

The All, the Unknown, the Force, the I.

The One.


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