In the Spring

  In the Spring a breath Of hope and light Brakes through the clouds Harbouring storms in my heart. In … More

A Warrior

A Warrior (image: artist unknown) A warrior, a sword, a path un-walked, a call, The flow of life birthing stones … More

Rain Stars

Rain Stars (image: artist unknown)   Let it rain stars in my life, Let my steps harvest roses And my … More


(image by Dashinvaine)   They came like a storm, like black birds Picking clean my bones, Breaking, hurting, raping, slashing … More

The One

  Half-moon, Temples of mist, floating over table-top lands, From where sweet cascades topple Like diamond earrings in the lobes … More

The Silence

    There is something about silence; Something empty, something sad, something Like a hand, reaching out, fingers stretching, Touching … More


What if it ends before I reach my hand and touch, as if by accident, the edge of your palm? … More